Happy New Year 2017!

What an amazing year in 2016!! The generosity, kindness, and support of everyone in the Fiber Garden community fills me with gratitude. So many of you who have been a part of the Fiber Garden throughout the years continue to bring me joy each time we meet. And I met so many new fiber friends who ventured here to explore the Fiber Gardens’ home in Black River Falls or who joined a fiber class or retreat at another venue that I was fortunate to teach at. You helped us grow our “Garden”!

Enjoy the memories of the past year and look forward to some inspiring fiber workshops, retreats, and travel 2017!


Happy New Year 2017! — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Deb,
    What a beautiful video of all the fun times at the FiberGarden and special events. The spinning retreats are very happy times for me.

    • Thanks so much for the kind comment, Barb! The retreats are happy times for me, too. What a grand community of spinners we have become. I can’t wait to see where 2017 takes us!

  2. Hi Deb,

    It is SO F U N to view your videos and be reminded of how great it is to be a part of the wonderful fiber community you have created! It is so good for the soul to participate in the Retreats and to do my share of creating the great and glorious mess we achieve with fibers everywhere in sight! It is also very heartwarming to see how willing everyone is to share what they’ve learned along the way! If you keep showing the photos of all that beautiful weaving going on, who knows, I may need to get a loom myself one of these days so I can join in the fun. We are so lucky to have you at the helm of it all!

    • Thanks so much for the meaningful comments, Carol! I enjoy watching the growth in our spinning and fiber community and being a catalyst for bringing people together to learn and enjoy peaceful and creative times together. I value you as part of it all!

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