“Clearing” the Mind; Renewing the Spirit

It is rare in these days of too much stress, packed schedules, increasing workloads and pushing to do more, faster, with less, that we take the time to retreat. To slow down, breathe deeply, really “see” the amazing world that surrounds us. To reflect, refresh, and renew our minds and our hearts. To spend the time doing the things that we love. The Clearing Folk School in Door County, Wisconsin, is one place that allows us this space to “be”. I have just returned from my annual trip to The Clearing to spend a week teaching, immersed in fibers and spinning, surrounded by the spirit of Jens Jensen and his “school of the soil”.

A Spring Retreat!

For spinners in the Fiber Garden community, spring and fall are times when we escape the daily grind for more peaceful and creative time. We pack up our fibers, load our spinning wheels, and hit the road to Baraboo, Wisconsin and “The Glen”. Durward’s Glen Retreat Center! For four days our spinning wheels turn a quiet rhythm and through the artists’ hands, amazing yarns are created! We recently returned from our spring retreat where we celebrated our spinning community and the breakthrough of spring!

Happy New Year 2017!

What an amazing year in 2016!! The generosity, kindness, and support of everyone in the Fiber Garden community fills me with gratitude. So many of you who have been a part of the Fiber Garden throughout the years continue to bring me joy each time we meet. And I met so many new fiber friends who ventured here to explore the Fiber Gardens’ home in Black River Falls or who joined a fiber class or retreat at another venue that I was fortunate to teach at. You helped us grow our “Garden”!

Enjoy the memories of the past year and look forward to some inspiring fiber workshops, retreats, and travel 2017!

2016 Fall Spinner’s Retreat

Inspiring, energizing, uplifting are just a few of the words that I would use to describe our recent spinner’s retreat. Spinners unleashing their creativity, bonding as a community of fiber artists and enjoying a hearty dose of laughter. What could be better?

Until we gather again in the spring, may your spinning wheels always be in motion! Thank you for the honor of sharing these days with you!

20 Years & Counting!

Twenty years. Two decades. One-fifth of a century. More than 1/3 of my lifetime. Any way you look at it, 20 years is a long  time! And that’s how old the Fiber Garden is this month! In April of 1994, Mary, Sue, and Sherry arrived enthusiastic and ready to learn to spin in the very first Beginning Spinning workshop held at my first home. Each of them purchased a spinning wheel when the class ended. Then came a long line of others who made their way to rural Black River Falls and soon became fiber friends. Within a few years “we” had outgrown that house. A tiny bedroom was squished full of fibers and supplies, spinning classes were held in the living room, weaving classes took over the dining room and…there simply was no room left for a person to live!

On to house #2 tucked back into the woods with a small barn-like outbuilding that became the first mercantile. Classes continued in the living room, and we even did some dye classes with the carpeted floor! It was a wonderful place, but…”we” outgrew that one too!

And finally we found a home that will be more permanent. (We’re nine years and counting here!) The list of workshop offerings has grown, fiber friends have come from all over the country to develop their talents in spinning, weaving, and dyeing…and twenty years have passed. Most businesses as small as the Fiber Garden never survive more then a few years. And that can only mean one thing…the Fiber Garden has the best friends in the world! “Thank you” is not a big enough phrase.

So on to our next decade. We’ll see where it leads us. No doubt there will many more hours of enjoying the fiber arts together both here in Black River Falls and perhaps out on the open seas or traveling the highways and byways of Europe or other “fibery” destinations!

(For information on the 20th anniversary SALE-abration April 5 and 6, visit our Facebook page and read the post.)